"People working together need to coordinate their activities
regardless of where they are located or when they are working.
This need will never go away."

- Peter William Lount, 1998

Collaboration solutions for your project, family, home, group, collective, community, cooperative, common, commune, monastery, church, congregation, conflux, congress, organization, friends, party, school, neighborhood, contesseration, concourse, convergence, common ground, concentration, body, board, unit, regiment, corps, brigade, battalion, union, fellowship, muster, attroupement, ship, peers, rabble, crowd, throng, state, country, parliament, legislature, senate, troupe, task force, profession, tribe, squad, team, department, division, company, and of course, business.
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Welcome to Zoku.net™
Zoku.net provides collaborative solutions and services via the Internet. Our solutions include basic, personal, advanced and corporate web hosting services at very reasonable prices.

We also provide custom web and Internet applications using advanced collaborative technologies.

Our servers are located on a very high speed (100mbs) Internet connection to provide the best response times.

Clients use our web hosting services for their community projects, personal web pages, small and medium sized businesses. We are even providing the web hosting and email services for a college.

We make use of the best quality free Open Software and Custom Designed systems thereby eliminating any licencing fees that you would have to pay to certain large software companies to have their Closed Systems host your web sites. This is one of the reasons that we can bring you web hosting services at reasonable prices.

Please see Web Hosting for details about all of our web hosting service options and how to get started with you web site.

We are continuing to expand our collaboration services in order to serve you better.

Basic Zoku.net™ Web Hosting Service
Reliable Web Hosting, Email and Internet Services
Annual Payment of USD$400.00.
Canadian Clients CAD$500.00 +GST annually.

Fast Optical 100 Megabit/second Link Direct to Internet Backbone.
Servers with Dual Intel CPUs.
500 MB Web & Email Storage (reasonable rates for larger amounts of storage).
Domain Name Servers
(As many domain names for each web site as you wish at no extra charge!)
You can set up a reasonable number of Third Level Domain Names on your own domain (i.e. third.yourdomain.com).
Your site can be accessed with or without the "www.". Let us know your preference.
A resonable number of free Email Accounts (forwarding or stored which are accessable via POP).
First Gigabyte of traffic per month included.
(Since we are direclty connected to the Internet backbone we can offer resonable rates for larger amounts of traffic).
Full and Comprehensive Statistics on Web Traffic for your site.
(Overall, Daily and even hourly if you need it).
Powerful and robust FreeBSD Unix operating system (as used by Hotmail & Yahoo).
Apache Web Server with lots of modules added.
Server Side Scripting: Smalltalk, PHP3, ModPERL, SHELL & CGI.

Personal Support.

Additional Services
Web Site Design.
Web Application Design.
System Administration
Relational Database Support: MySQL, Postgress.
Genealogy Web Database (small fee for setup and any maintenance performed).
Video Streaming and Download with sane bandwidth changes.
Internet & Business Consulting.
Custom Full Text Index & Search Engine for your web site.
Desktop Client & Server (including web integration) Application Design.

Email Peter for Information.

Powered By Zoku.net™ and Logo Link
In order to keep web hosting costs low and to support our community based web sites that we provide we ask that you put our "Powered by Zoku.net™" phrase and Zoku logo on your main web page (at the bottom is fine - see bottom of this page). When users click on it it opens another window leaving your website still open.

Two options:

Powered by Zoku.net™

The HTML for the above left rotated Zoku logo and phrase (excellent for use on any background as the image is partially transparent):

<font size=2 color=black>
<b>Powered by Zoku.net&#153</b>
<a href="http://www.zoku.net" target="zoku.net">
<img src="http://www.zoku.net/images/zokunet_trans.gif" border="0">

The HTML for the above "Powered By Zoku.net" logo (also excellent for use on any background):

<a href="http://www.zoku.net" target="zoku.net"><img src="http://www.zoku.net/images/PoweredByZoku.net_3.gif" border="0"></a>

Domain Name Registries
Your web site needs to have a name for people to type in, this "domain name" or "internet web address" is the way that people identitfy your site. You may choose any name that is not already taken. Your domain name should reflect some aspect of your site, business, or products so that people can remember it.

You may use any domain names at "yourname.zoku.net" that are not already taken for USD$20.00 for the first two years and US$10.00 per year for subsequent years. You may also register your ".com, .net, or .org" domain names with Joker.com, which is highly recommended and costs only USD$11.00 per year, or any of the companies with Corenic.net. The main difference amoungst these domain name registars is the price and legal jurisdiction that they are in. The best deal is our very own "yourname.zoku.net". A significant advantage to "yourname.zoku.net" is that you can have almost any name that you want while the ".com, .org, and .net"s are almost all taken now (try two or three word combinations to get the one you want). The chioce is yours.

Domain Name Congifuration for Zoku.net
When hosting your web site on Zoku.net please visit your domain name registrar and configure your your Domain Name's primary and secondary Domain Name Servers (DNS) as follows:

DNS Server NameDNS IP Address
Primary DNS:NS3.ZOKU.NET65.110.6.133
Secondary DNS:NS1.ZOKU.NET65.110.6.131

Many Domain Name Registrars now allow you to simply enter the name while others require you to enter the names and their addresses.

Terms of Payment
Payment is on an annual basis payable in advance. You may pay for more than one year at a time by filling in the "quantity" at PayPal. Once you choose to use our web hosting and Internet services please confirm with us which services you are going to use and choose your payment method.

Pay By Check
International clients please pay in USD currency. Canadian based clients must pay in Canadian currency and must include the G.S.T.. Mail a check, payable to "Active Information Corporation" for the appropiate amount to:

Zoku.net Web Hosting
Active Information Corporation
1917 West 4th Avenue, #14
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6J 1M7

Pay By Credit Card
USA & International Credit Card Payaments
For residents in the USA or Internationally.

Item: AICZN1001USD|Zoku.net Business Reliable Web Hosting - One Year
Amount: USD$400.00 per year. No Taxes.

USA & International Credit Card Payaments
For residents in the USA or Internationally.

Item: AICZN1000USD|Zoku.net Community Basic Web Hosting - One Year
Amount: USD$140.00 per year. No Taxes.

Canadian Credit Card Payaments
Only residents within Canada.

Item: AICZN1001CAD|Zoku.net Business Reliable Web Hosting - One Year
Amount: CAD$535.00 (including 7% GST) per year.

Canadian Credit Card Payaments
Only residents within Canada.

Item: AICZN1000CAD|Zoku.net Community Basic Web Hosting - One Year
Amount: CAD$192.60 (including 7% GST) per year.

Cash and Other Payament Arrangement
If you need to make special arrangements please contact us via email or telephone:
(604) 736-2461 office & 24 Hour Tech Support
email: peter@zoku.net

Terms are subject to change without notice. Existing clients rates are only locked in till the end of one year of paid in advance service, then new rates, if any, apply. If your service levels change upward then new the appropriate level of service package will be automatically upgraded and rates adjusted accordingly.

Terms of Usage
While Zoku.net supports full personal freedom and choice for all, we require that you do not use our services or servers to publish or store "porn", "pirated software" or other material that you don't have permission for from the copyright holder. Furthermore, we require that you conduct yourself responsibly when using and accessing our equipment and systems. This policy helps to keep our servers running smoothly to the benefit of all. Thank you.

All terms are subject to change without notice.

Backups. You are responsible for keeping backups, on your own computer, of all your web pages and any other files that are important to you that you might have stored on our servers. We are not responsible for lost files for any reason. In practice this means keeping a BACKUP of your web pages and other files whenever you make changes on your web site. This is usually easily done if you are editing your web pages on your own computer and uploading them to the server.

Privacy Policy
We are working on our privacy policy. This is DRAFT Version 20030429b and is subject to change without notice.

This privacy statement is an extension of the terms of service.

Active Information Corporation, doing business as Zoku.net, respects your privacy. We do not share, sell or provide private information of our clients to others. We treat your non-public data and other information about you that we learn in confidence as confidential and do not disclose it except as agreed or as required by Canadian Law.

We take reasonable and now, by necessity, some extreme steps to secure our servers and thus the privacy of your data stored on our servers. However, the harsh reality is that no computer that is connected to the Internet is safe from hackers and security breaches. You agree that we are not responsible for, and that we will not be held liable for, the actions of hackers or others who view or copy your data from our servers. While we take measures to protect the security of our servers it is wise and prudent to consider computers connected to the internet as potentially a public space and to act accordingly to minimize your risks.

You agree that when using our servers to respect the privacy of other users on the system. You agree not to attempt to view other users data or data that does not belong to you. You agree that you will not attempt to circumvent the security of the servers. Any such attempts, successful or not, are subject to immediate termination of your account.

You agree that you will not keep highly sensitive data on our servers. You agree that you will inform us of any information that is sensitive and considered by you to be confidential.

As a general policy we do not view your data files stored on our servers or your email that flows through our servers. From time to time it may be necessary to record and view the data that you have placed on or that flows through our servers, you agree this may be done for server configuration and service maintenance as well as policy and security enforcement.

Zoku.net may make ongoing backups of it's client data, web site data, and emails. These backups are made for the purpose of restoring service after a service interruption due to hardware failures, accidental erasures, security breaches, etc... If you do not wish backups to be made of your data that is stored on our servers please advise of which data is ok to backup and which data you do not wish backed up. Customization of our backup configuration to fit your needs is a premium service and will be billed accordingly. In addition, you agree that it is your responsibility to keep backups of your data to protect your interests.

The Internet Email system is an openly readable email system. Email messages are like postcards in that they don't have any envelop protecting them from being read. As email messages pass from one server to another they are interceptable and readable at any of these points. The best way to ensure the privacy of your email is to encrypt it and to keep the encryption/decryption keys safe and secure.

Accessing your Web Site
Access Security Policy
As of July 27th, 2001 Telnet and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are no longer supported as a means of accessing Zoku.net servers. If you have any questions please contact Peter.

Due to security concerns, designed to protect your web site data and our servers, Zoku.net requires that you use Secure Shell (ssh) to access your user account and Secure Copy (scp) to copy files.

Secure Access Protocols and Tools
For more information on the Open Secure Shell protocols please see http://www.openssh.org. For software that allows you to your Zoku.net Account using these secure protocols please see OpenSSH Clients for Window & Mac and OpenSSH Clients for UNIX systems.

For our Apple Macintosh based customers please click here.

For our Microsoft Windows based customers we recommend that you use a secure copy client such as WinSCP to access your files.

WinSCP is very easy to use. It presents two file lists, one list is files on your computer and the other list is your web site files on the zoku.net web file server. We recommend that you change the Preferences setting for "Interface" to "Norton Commander" since it proivdes a view with your local computer on the left and the remote computer on the right. (The default is for it to open two seperate windows which is much more confusing).

Download WinSCP (Secure File Copy)
You can download the latest version of WinSCP application from these links. The Installation program will install WinSCP on your Windows computer and add it to your programs menu. You can also download WinSCP executable file and use it without running the installation program.

Master WinSCP Download Server from WinSCP.sourceforge.net (try this for the lastest version). The latest stable versions from the master site are:
Secondary WinSCP Download Server from Zoku.net
WinSCP Documentation and Usage
WinSCP a simple and powerful program to use but if you need documentation click here for WinSCP documentation. Simply fill in your website name as the server domain name, your assigned user id and your password. Your web site directories are linked into your "home" directory. Simply follow the links with WinSCP. The main thing to keep in mind when using WinSCP is which direction are you sending your files - from your local computer to the web server - or - from the web server to your local computer.

Windows Secure Shell (SSH) Client
For our Windows based clients who need to use Secure Shell access to their accounts we recommend that you use PuTTY which is a free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client. You can download the latest version of putty.exe by clicking here.

Macintosh Access
For our Apple Macintosh based customers using MacOSX we recommend that you use a secure copy client such as Fugu to access your files. For other SCP (or SFTP) access clients please see Things MacOSX and scroll down to "InterNET Software". Also this is a comparison chart of MacOSX access clients.

For MacOSX SSH (and SCP) access via the UNIX command line "Terminal" application, start the "Terminal" application and your are set to go. Type "man ssh" or "man scp" to learn how to use these command line programs.
For earlier MacOS systems see Things MacOS and scroll down to "Mac Software for InterNET" and look for programs that support SCP or SSH. MacSSH and MacSFTP are available as well.

(Unfortunately the popular commercial Macintosh based Fetch program does not yet have a secure version. They say they are working on a new version that supports the "secure" copy protocols like SCP and SFTP. Check with their Fetch FAQ to see if they have completed this yet. As of 20040316 they had not.)

You may also find some relevant links via OpenSSH Clients for Window or Mac. Scroll down to the Mac section.

Note that Zoku.net supports the Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) although some Secure File Transfer Procol (SFTP) clients also work. It's best to use the SCP protocol if possible.

Color Tools
Color Wheel & Other Color Tools

Network Tools
Network Address Calculator

Powered by Zoku.net™

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